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Compose & Send Email
Suleman Rehmani
OneSignal is the most knowledgeable vendor in the space. It’s not just notifications, but everything that's happening in the browser landscape. I always learn a lot from my conversations with them.
Suleman Rehmani, Director of Ecommerce
Email built to save you money

Built to Save You Money

Want to send professional looking emails? Typically you have to go through high-end marketing email providers, but they get expensive fast. A million subscribers could cost you $50K+ per year! 🤯💸

Transactional email companies are a fraction of the price, but their features are limited. That's why we added Email Composer, a free tool built atop the most popular and affordable transactional email services: SendGrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill.

Email create emails that delight

Create Emails that Delight

With OneSignal's Email Composer, your messages will look great on every device. Start with our free templates and customize them to match your unique brand. We have an intuitive drag-and-drop composer so there's no need to code.

Maximize conversion by ensuring emails are relevant and timely. OneSignal's Segmentation Editor makes it easy to target exactly the right audience with personalized content based on their location, interests, and purchase activity.

Integrate with Transactional Email Providers